The Great DNA Hike

Do you want to join the Great DNA Hike?
On Saturday 25th July, we’ll be heading off on 10 mile hikes as a DNA fundraiser.
Each individual organises their own route for their hike.  There will be spiritual reflections and whatsapp chat to join in on through the day and together we’ll aim to raise at least £1700 for DNA. This will be through a GoldenGiving webpage and works out at about £170 for each of us to fundraise, although of course it would be great to get more.
Guy and Ally will lead the day.
Join us!  The event is free to sign up for, all we ask is that you ask people to sponsor you to do your hike to raise money towards the ongoing work of DNA.
Please get back to us below if you’d like to be involved.  The event is open to anyone so please do promote this with your family and friends!


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