Pete Gilbert

Pete serves DNA by leading the staff team and is responsible for the vision, direction and strategy of DNA. Pete regularly cares for around 9 churches in areas of evangelism, discipleship and church structure. Pete also mentors 10 Christian leaders of churches, Christian organisations and businesses on a regular basis, seeking to invest in leaders who in turn invest in others.  In his spare time he loves mending clocks and watches, reading, wine and opera. Curries are a passion.

Joey Graver

Joey did DNA and DNA2 a number of years ago.  She is currently involved in a city church in Norwich, and does some speaking and prayer ministry.  Joey is involved in mission mobilizing at a national level, and mentoring others.  She loves sport and being by the beach.

Jon Shafford

Operations Manager

Jon is married to Sam and they have two young children.  He is part of the DNA team in the role of administrator.  He did DNA several years ago and also did DNA2 with Sam.  Jon loves family, friends, community, sport and administration.  Jon and his family are part of Emmaus Road Church, Guildford.

Freddi Gilbert

Freddi did DNA in 2014 followed by DNA 2 and 3. She currently lives in Inverness where she works as an Assistant Yard Manager and a Locum Veterinary Nurse outside of DNA. She is a part of Inverness Vineyard Church which she is very passionate about. She loves Horse riding, painting and crochet and hanging out with friends.

Guy Bevir

Guy has spent many years in church planting and leadership in south west London. Guy did DNA many years ago and is currently working among churches and groups in Wandsworth where he and his family are based and are part of Christchurch in Fulham. He works part time in a pupil referral unit in Wandsworth carrying responsibility for key working and year 11 pupils. He hates singing in small groups.

Eleanor Hearing

Eleanor did DNA in 2002 and has since also completed DNA2 & 3. She now serves on the team as DNA Facilitator. She lives in Luton with her husband Richard where she also serves as part of the leadership team of her church with particular responsibility for small groups. She loves cycling, cooking, movies, elephants and driving anything that moves (including tanks & quad bikes)!

Ross Hartwig

Ross, originally from South Africa, did DNA several years ago followed by DNA 2 more recently. He and his wife are a part of the core leadership team of Hertford Community Church where he has over the years been involved in a number of different ministries and leadership roles alongside pursuing his passion for engineering. Ross is excited to see others develop a heart for worship. He is crazy about cycling, movies and all things yellow.