‘Every year we as a DNA Team strive to keep the fees of DNA Training to a minimum for both trainees and churches. We do this is a variety of ways but one of our most successful and fruitful has been through fundraising. As a team we commit to organising fundraising events, doing sponsorship activities (hikes, runs etc) and applying to grant awarding bodies on a regular basis throughout the year.

In the last couple of years however we have also had the blessing of men and woman who have been blessed by the work that we do and believe in furthering the work of DNA take it upon themselves to do their own fundraising events to raise money for DNA through their own networks. This has been an incredible blessing to our trainees who are the next generation of leaders in our churches and business’. Read below some testimonies from those who have fund-raised for DNA and why they choose to do it.

If this is something that you would love to do or would like to discuss it further please fill in the form and thank you for considering to support and further the work of DNA


    When I go my ballot place for the London Marathon I couldn’t believe it! 7 years of applying and now… NOW was the time to get my trainers on and get moving. God was already speaking to me about gathering momentum but little did I know how meaningful this process of training for a life-long dream would be. Living and training in Rural Scotland sure brought its challenges. Cows jumping over fences to join me on my morning jogs, geese hissing and attacking my feet, snow, ice, minus temperature for much of the training, head on winds and hills….oh man, those hills!!

    I’ve lived here for 2 years now and sense a hunger for a new generation of leaders in the church who have been discipled well and know their identity in Christ. Leaders that whilst standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before, can bring freshness and new life to the church here in Scotland. DNA, in my experience can, and is playing a part in equipping these leaders. So, I decided to run to raise funds for DNA Scotland.

    The whole process was hard I won’t lie, but God has taught me so much about discipline, perseverance, self-care and His grace in the process. And I DID IT!! I ran/ jogged the London Marathon, the hottest on record I might add and I got a personal best!!! So, the life-long message that I will take with me from race day was ‘Slow down to go faster and further and enjoy it!’

    So, if you fancy a new challenge, have a dream to fulfil, or simply just want to try something new. Why not do it to raise funds for DNA?

    Debie-jo Marsh