This 3 month interactive online personal development course is an intensive journey through three separate modules starting you on the adventure of a lifetime in more wholeness and therefore more fruitfulness in God. Carefully structured for your growth and stretching in order for you to recognise and realise your potential while identifying possible areas of weakness or enemy attack.

DNA would love to serve you and your context through this course. Whether you have always wanted to do DNA but never had the time, exploring whether DNA could be your next great adventure or looking for something deeply developmental to push you further in your walk with God.

The recommendation is that you do this course alongside some form of discipleship. Whether that is with your church leader or someone within your church who is further along their journey then you. The reason for this is that the course is designed to unpack, unpick and delve deep into who you are. The parts that God intended and the parts he didn’t and therefore it is wise to have someone walk that journey through with you in order to have support in situ when these things arise.

DNA will assign a Team Member to oversee your time on the course. It will be their responsibility to negotiate deadlines, mark your work and meet with you at the Taster Day for some intentional prayer and debrief.

The Course includes:

  • 1 Worksheet per month
  • 1 Assignment per course
  • 1 Video per month
  • 3 Podcasts per month
  • 4 Reflection Q’s per month
  • 3 Free Conference Tickets worth £75
  • 9 Book recommendations
  • 4 Sets of notes per month
  • Taster invitation and Lunch with the team with time to pray

Program Outline:


Month One – Self Leadership


Webinar: Self-worth Joey Little

Podcast 1: Discipleship Chris Bird

Podcast 2: Guilt and Shame Joey Little

Podcast 3: Mental and Emotional Health Mark Wood


Month Two – Freedom


Webinar: Dealing with your History Freddi Gilbert

Podcast 1: Mind and Imagination Linda Gascoyne

Podcast 2: Personal Warfare Guy Bevir

Podcast 3: Taking and Holding New Ground  Guy Bevir


Month Three – Calling


Webinar: Calling Joey Little

Podcast 1: Courageous Leadership Jess Hartwig

Podcast 2: Spiritual Gifts Eleanor Hearing

Podcast 3: Work and the Kingdom of God Linda Gascoyne


You receive ALL of this for £125 per person, that is just over £40 per month and just over £10 per week!!

DNA:LITE is a rolling course so you can start whenever you are ready. You don’t have to be available at any certain time during the 3 months, instead working to your own timetable and rhythms.

If you would like any more information or would like to start you next adventure today then fill out the details below and we will get in touch with you.

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