For those who have completed DNA 1 & 2, we have now crafted DNA 3, responding to requests from Churches and trainees that we serve.

With the same heart for Leadership Development as on DNA 1 & 2, DNA 3 continues the adventure.  On DNA 3 you’ll go deeper again to another level of understanding and experience of God, growing in your leadership in either the workplace or the church.  To make time demands manageable, and not take you away from your call to workplace or church over much, on DNA 3 your training will be delivered across 3 x 2 day Training Blocks around September, December, April and finally at the last DNA Residential in July.  This means on those occasions all three DNA years are together; the buzz is fantastic!  As are the opportunities for peer group learning.

Important! Read about changes to DNA for 2020/21 in response to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus.

We usually have around 5-8 on DNA 3, the teaching dynamic is again intimate and interactive.  You’ll study and present from scriptural leadership lessons from a biblical character of your choice.  Termly placement visits from a DNA staff member and a local line manager are optional on DNA 3.

Topics on DNA 3 include; Intimacy with God; Hosting the Holy Spirit; Developing Team; Theologically difficult Issues and much more.


Term 1 – 24th Sept – 21st Dec 2020
Term 2 – 9th Jan – 23rd April 2021
Term 3 – 26th April – 18th July 2021


DNA 3: £690 (£230 per term)
Fees are payable termly. You are responsible for covering the cost of your travel.

Due to the savings that we will make running the course virtually for term 1 we are pleased to be
able to announce a big reduction in the cost of term 1:
DNA year 3 – saving of £60