How do you know if God might be calling you to serve Him Overseas, maybe even medium to long term?  DNA provides a safe but stretching opportunity to explore if God is saying this to you.

We do this by placing you on DNA Full in a quality UK church which has good links to an international setting, so you can explore an overseas call.  You’ll complete the first part of your DNA year in the UK, with all the training and discipleship and church based opportunities that involves.  This includes our 2 x Mission Training Days and Kairos automatically.  Your study work will be geared towards your mission trip.

Then around April time you’ll embark on the adventure of your mission trip, which will normally last between 12-16 weeks.  Enough time to genuinely experience culture shock and explore if mission overseas forms part of God’s call on your life.

Flexibility is important to us in making this the best, most developmental experience possible for you.  So talk to us; there are various options and costs open to you, if DNA Overseas is for you.  Options include a placement at home and overseas through your own local church. Or a placement with one of our Partner organisations Amor or Tearfund serving some of the most deprived areas in the world and being a part of the change.

So, heart for justice? Desire to serve God and His Church overseas?

We have the options if you have the call.



23-27th Sept

30th Oct – 1st Nov

20-22nd Nov

4th – 6th December


 8th – 10th Jan

29th – 31st Jan

26th – 28th Feb

11th – 14th Mar

16th – 18th Apr

21st – 23rd May

25th – 27th June

15th – 18th July


£7815 (£2605 per term) if based in your own church – you are responsible for paying your travel to and from DNA if based in your own church. or
£8295 (£2765 per term) including food and accommodation if based away from your own church.  DNA cover your travel to and from DNA events except Scotland to England if you are placed in a church by DNA,
Different fees apply for DNA Overseas with Amor. Please contact us for details.


Accreditation: £320-£400 (cost depends on numbers)