Fatherheart with Guy Bevir & Pete Gilbert at Aberdeen City Church

11th May 2019

10.30 – 4.30

Cost: £25 (lunch included)

A day to go deeper in our knowledge and experience of God as Father.

This is an opportunity for us to strengthen our foundations, to reinforce the truths of his love, acceptance and commitment towards us.

We will spend the day looking at the scriptures, discussing together and praying for each other, looking to encounter God as well as learn about him.

This is part of our determination to see us all stand in confidence and humility as sons and daughters, released in to the destiny that God has for each of us.

Discipleship the Jesus Way at Kings Church Inverness

3rd August 2019

10.30 – 4.30

Cost: £25 (lunch included)

Freddi Gilbert is going to be spending a day with us discussing Discipleship the Jesus Way. She is passionate about developing and discipling people who are intentionally wanting to live Jesus led lives. Dedicated to seeing people reaching their full potential.

Over the years she has been involved in planting churches, mentored Christian leaders and works in a team running the DNA Discipleship Training Course but NEVER has the need for converts to become disciples been more real.

It’s simply the case that our dreams of usefulness for God demand our development. And that development happens through the journey of discipleship. All of us are broken, and it’s the adventure of discipleship that makes us more whole, and as we become more whole, we become more fruitful. Only changed lives change lives.

So come and join us on a day’s exploration of the nature of Biblical discipleship. We will look at key models and tools to help us grapple together how to do discipleship well. We’ll look at how Jesus did this, exploring practical applications and hot tips so that we don’t just talk about discipleship but can go and be discipled and disciple others.

Spiritual Warfare with Pete Gilbert at Community Church Edinburgh

26th October 2019

10.30 – 4.30

Cost: £25 (lunch included)

Pete Gilbert is going to be spending a day with us discussing Discipleship the Jesus Way. For the 40 years that he has been serving God in full time Christian ministry the two things that have got him out of bed in the morning, keeping him motivated and passionate, are seeing people commit to following Jesus and then seeing them growing in him.

But the reality is that we are broken people living in a broken world with an enemy of our souls. Spiritual Warfare is a reality that is going on all the time, everywhere, at every level. The bible repeatedly tells us not to be unaware of the schemes of the evil one.

So we are going to explore the nature of the enemy, who he is and how he works. We are going to answer the question who’s world it is? And identify his strategies to put down landing strips in our lives, so that having done all else, we stand firm.


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