DNA believes in the local church. We are here to serve you, not the other way round! And like you, we believe in the development and discipleship of individuals, and in the release and resourcing of new leaders.

Can we help you do this in your church?

There are three ways we may be able to serve you as a church leader:

  • Could we be your church’s internship provider?

You identify your own potential interns from your own church, or people known to you. Place them on DNA for a year of growth and development in heart (character), head (understanding) and hands (skills and gifting). They outwork this in your church, serving your churches vision and values. We deliver the content and infrastructure of your internship program. We have done this for years and every year for around 20+ churches. Can we do this for you?

  • Could you be the placement church for an intern for a year (or even more!)?

We prayerfully place a trainee with you to serve your churches vision and values for a year internship. They are a resource to you, and also a responsibility for you to develop and disciple. You provide a programme, accommodation, discipler and co-ordinator, all of which we can help you with.

  • Could we provide training and input to your church?

The DNA team and ambassadors (gifted ex-trainees who have experienced and represent the heart of DNA) provide input to topics which are core to DNA (e.g. Discipleship, leadership, Teamwork, Evangelism, etc.) and to your church. This could be a one off Sunday, a weekend or even a series. Can we help?

Please note…..

Most of our trainees do DNA in their own church. This demonstrates the churches commitment to grow its own leadership from within the church family. It’s the best way you and your church can use DNA.

Therefore, it means we do not have many trainees each year to place in other churches. So if you are looking for option 2 above, ask us quickly, come and visit our taster days in England or Scotland, and we will explore this together.

We hope to hear from you as a church leader, because we would love to serve you and your church. Contact us at or why not give us a call on 07905625195.

I am so encouraged by the way DNA seeks to train individuals to minister in the local church; making disciples who will make more disciples. I believe that DNA is breaking ground in teaching people what discipleship looks like in the 21st century.

Sam Hackett – Minister of Ruddington Baptist Church


Church Expectations: 

DNA is designed as a mutually beneficial partnership, providing key discipleship and personal development for the individual, with the added benefit of providing a resource to the local church.

The church sending and receiving their own trainee needs to provide the following:

  • a team co-ordinator (can be male or female),
  • a personal discipler (same gender as trainee) for each trainee.

If you are receiving a trainee that is not from your church you will also need to provide the following in addition to the co-ordinator and discipler:

–  Accommodation and Food for the trainee.

Church Partnership Fee:

The Church Partnership Fee is a contribution made by the placement church in recognition of the partnership between the church and DNA. It reflects a sum that keeps the trainee’s fee a little lower, but does not skew the careful balance we seek to maintain that the trainee is primarily a responsibility to the church before they are a resource.

The money goes towards the termly placement visit made by a staff member and the general resourcing of the trainee’s year.


Church Partnership Fee:

Own Trainee £635

Own Trainee (2nd trainee) £490

Own Trainee Full time work model working 35+ hours per week £320*
Own Trainee work model working 20-35 hours per week £480*

Receiving a Trainee that is not part of your church £1370

*If part time worker working less than 20 hours per week then Own Trainee figure applies.  The Full time worker option would still need a co-ordinator but it’s likely the co-ordinator role may be lighter due to the trainee spending less time serving the church
**  Please note all work in this context refers to non church work.  If the trainees is employed full or part time by the church then the own trainee fee would apply.


We at DNA are passionate about serving churches for churches. Therefore we have released the branding of DNA to our partner churches who use us as their internship program. This means a church or organisation can brand DNA’s internship program in their own flavour. Here is an example of a leaflet produced by our partners at St. Mungo’s Edinburgh.