Aug 25

Exciting changes for DNA for 2020/21

Due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus we wanted to let you know about some exciting changes that we will be making to DNA for this upcoming year. Unfortunately, due to the current government guidelines it is not possible for us to run face to face training blocks and residentials... read more →
Aug 24

The Rescue Mission

Written by a former trainee and inspired by DNA teaching, we're pleased to announce that the Kindle and audiobook versions of The Rescue Mission are now available. The book presents the overarching narrative of the Bible as an 'ambitious and captivating' page-turning novel; it's the Bible as we've never experienced... read more →
Aug 09

Fundraising Walk Appeal

Bonnie Scotalnd where two of our guys did their fundraising walk for DNA. We are still collecting funds for the walk this group of folk did and would love it if you would consider donating to the ongoing work of DNA, who like many others have been severely impacted by... read more →
Aug 05

Fundraising Walk

  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!! We are still receiving much needed donations for our fundraising hike. A number of close friends to DNA spent the day walking and reflecting with God while supporting DNA by fundraising. If you feel you can donate please do at:... read more →
Aug 03

7 Weeks Left!!!

  There are 7 weeks left in recruitment before our new year commences in September. If you are feeling a need to push into yourself and explore who you are especially in light of all that has happened this year, or your not sure what God is calling you to... read more →
Aug 02

Donuts and Gods Provision

  The hole in the donut. Picture a donut. Any donut will do. Is it glazed or covered in sugar? Or is it a fancy one with coloured icing and sprinkles? Does it have a filling? When you eat it, do you try and eat the entire thing without licking... read more →
Aug 01

Give as you Live

  The sun is shining and the school holidays are here. If you're booking a day out, why not book through Give as you Live and raise some extra funds for us at the same time? . . #dna #dnaleadershiptraining #leadershiptraining #training #leadership #development #travel #enrichlife #joy #passion #adventure... read more →
Jul 31

Help Raise Funds

  Written by a former trainee and inspired by DNA teaching, here is an opening extract from The Rescue Mission: The Bible As We've Never Experienced It Before. Pete Gilbert writes, "I had the privilege of helping Pete Atkinson with the 1st edition before he published it and would thoroughly... read more →
Jul 31

The Rescue Mission

  @rescuemissionbook shares with us an extract from his book that takes us through the bie in a new and innovative way. For every book he sells this month he is donating £5 to DNA. Support the course, get a fantastic book and donate to the continuing work of DNA.... read more →
Jul 13

The Proposal – Extract from the Rescue Mission   Pete gives us a wee tantalizing snippet from his book the rescue mission which he started while on his DNA year. He has incredibly kindly offered to donate to DNA for every book he sells during July. Help us raise funds for DNA while receiving a great book!!... read more →