Jun 05


Amber is a great friend of DNA and here she talks about why the Taster Days are so important to get a feel and understanding of what DNA could look like for you or your church. So whether exploring for yourself or to serve your churchnor organisation come check us... read more →
Jun 04

Mark 1

One of our trainees with their church St Marys Reigate have been making some incredibly creative, funny and impactful videos. Check them out at http://bit.ly/Satellitesyouth https://youtu.be/kfPvfN9ZmB0
Jun 01
Jun 01


  Always wanted to have your life count for God!? To really be used in a dramatic way in his kingdom!? Then attend our FREE OPEN DAY next Tuesday to discover whether DNA could be how you make your life count in an inspirational way!! . . Book now at... read more →
May 25

Support us for FREE!!

  How many times have you shopped online since lockdown began 9 weeks ago? 🤔 With over 4,000 stores, it's possible that every time you shopped you could have raised a FREE donation for us by being a @GiveasyouLive member! It's completely free to use, and we receive a percentage... read more →
May 24

Fear to Face yourself?

  Are you afraid of facing the things that are holding you back but know you need to take the leap of faith! But know you cannot do it alone!? DNA could be the support, love and challenge that you need to finally face those fears and obtain your full... read more →
May 22

How do we use this time well?

https://youtu.be/KjpL9iGzv34 Guy Bevir speaks to us about how to use this time wisely and make the most of it!! Check out DNA:LITE at dna-uk.org/dnalite if you are looking for development and challenge in this time. #dna #dnaleadershiptraining #leadershiptraining #training #leadership #development #travel #enrichlife #joy #passion #adventure #explore #photography #jesus #god... read more →
May 17

Bible Reflections

https://youtu.be/9wTnsbOlC30   Freddi brings us a reflection, insight and application from Luke 19:11-40, Proverbs 12:14, Isaiah 3:10-1. Check it out!!
May 16

Ian Bunce’s Commendation

Ian Bunce commends DNA here and the work we do. If you want to explore whether DNA could serve you then get in touch at dna@dna-uk.org!! . . . . #dna #dnaleadershiptraining #leadershiptraining #training #leadership #development #travel #enrichlife #joy #passion #adventure #explore #photography #jesus #god #christ #bible #church #gapyear #sabbatical... read more →
May 15

Not as FREE as you should be!?

  This coming Tuesday we have a FREE virtual taster that all are invited to. Whether your a church leader who wants to explore whether DNA could serve you or realised that your needing some deep internal work yourself...come check out what DNA is this coming Tueaday to see whether... read more →