Jack Robson

I started DNA in 2012, ready to see what God would do over my year. I was constantly surprised, amazed and blessed by all that God did in and through me on my year, both in my times and experiences provided by DNA and also through my work at the local church. Since then, I’ve felt the word ‘launch pad’ being repeatedly given to me by God. I would surmise my experience with DNA as a ‘launch pad’ and that my time since has been, likewise, a propelling further into what God has for me. I now work as a youth worker for my local church, whilst also serving on the leadership team. Amidst this, I’m also heavily involved in ecumenical community projects and where we seek to bring the Kingdom culture into the society around us. Coupled with all of this, I’m also currently studying Anthropology, which I’ve found to be a wonderful aid to all my work within church.

Matthew Payne

In 2013 I did DNA in response to a call I felt from God. I wanted to see more of Him in my own life and in all that I did for my local church.  My year was incredible, God showed me the need to slow down, opened my heart to intimacy and being led by His Spirit. He also showed me his love and power as we served on teams together we saw so many miracles/signs/wonders and answers to prayer. The following year being employed by my Baptist church as their youth worker I did DNA2 it helped me to continue all that God had begun and gave me a safe place to grow in and share all I had seen and experienced on my first year. On the second year I was able to bring the vision and values I had learned and place them into where I was locally. This continued to DNA3 which helped support me through deep and intense teaching merged with wonderful pastoral care.  I am now continuing to serve my local church in the same role overseeing and running their youth programme consisting of schools, sport, music, fellowship, missional and discipleship action. I lead, preach at, organise and plan services/events with our ministry team. I lead worship and speak in various settings with groups of all ages. I am also continuing to study theology through Spurgeon’s college.

Philip Evans

I had the privilege to take a year out in 2003 to be part of the DNA course and it was without doubt one of the best opportunities I’ve had in my life. The foundational teaching that was shared with us during that year gave him me an incredible platform to live from. I later moved to Macedonia in 2009 with my wife where I now run a food export business here, alongside working with the church and refugees fleeing war in Syria. I find myself ever grateful to have learned that my true self, not my false self is who I am in God, not what I do. I would encourage anyone to do DNA if they have the opportunity, such an invaluable investment in your future life. Pete and the team are a precious resource to leaders everywhere.