Welcome to the God-filled adventure that could be yours with DNA!  Why not join the DNA family for a year of challenge and change?  A Christian Gap Year with a difference.  And for any age! Let your discipleship be the doorway to your dreams of fruitfulness for God!  Only changed lives change lives!


You can’t give away what you haven’t got.  DNA is about discovering who you are, and how you are.  Going deeper in knowing God as your Father, Jesus as your Brother and the Holy Spirit as your Helper.  Learning to love yourself and discovering your dreams and your gifts, and changing your life for good! Forever!



DNA is your year of great growth.  You’ll be stretched, but also safe!  We create a culture and a community of family, love and laughter, as well as challenge and change.  Our emphasis is on your discipleship and development, because it’s as you grow that you can grow others.  How do we create this culture of Nurture?  Through the DNA Team, our support staff, our teaching team, and through engagement with previous DNA Trainees on years 2 and 3.  And through careful placement of trainees to quality local church, either your own or one that we provide.  We are all about serving and working through local church, God’s chosen vehicle on earth.



You can’t be discipled in a vacuum.  A disciple is a learner-doer.  So on DNA what you learn is what you do.  It’s faith in action.  If our emphasis is on your discipleship, yours will be on serving God, His people, and the wider community.  Your year will be packed with opportunities to learn through servanthood in action, locally, nationally and overseas.  You will never be used as cheap labour; rather your serving will be the context for your growth and development.  DNA is never about theoretical theology, but it’s about theology in action, because what you really believe is what you do and how you live.  Come and Join in!




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