DNA has as a Core Value the commitment to serve the life of the local church.  We have deliberately created a DNA family, a community of disciples pushing deeper into God and into usefulness for Him.  This happens by engagement with the wider community of God’s church, and, through local church with the local communities that church exists to love and to serve.

DNA exists to serve local church, not be served by it.  Church is God’s primary agent for bringing in His Kingdom, for evangelism and therefore for discipleship.  So, every DNA Team Member functions at Leadership level in their local church.  Every DNA speaker is accountable and based in the life of local church, a practioner and not just theoretical.  Every DNA trainee is from and rooted in, recommended by, and serving local church.

Over many years (nearly 30) and many trainees (over 1200) we’ve served most of the UK denominations and New Church Movements.  These include Church of England, Baptist, Methodist, Elim,. Assemblies of God, Catholic, Church of Scotland, Episcopal, Independent Charismatic, Salt & Light, Ichthus, Vineyard, New Frontiers, Pioneer, etc.  Working with these churches has enriched us, and allowed us to contribute to the wider body of Christ, who loves unity.  Why do your own thing when we can work together?!


But we won’t place trainees in less than cutting edge churches as cheap labour.  Your development and care is our priority.

So whether you do DNA in your own church (as 70% of our trainees do), or one which we provide, the opportunities to learn and serve will be great and varied.  Each trainee will have local church personal discipler for character development and pastoral care and also a local church co-ordinator for programme and skills development.

The DNA Team will help support and serve your church placement by Co-ordinator and Discipler training and orientation, and by Termly Placement Visits to you and them, plus frequent communication and availability as needed.  Most years we’re serving around 20-24 churches where we have trainees based.  Many we have served over many years.  DNA is all about relationships.

With more requests for DNA Trainees from churches than we can supply, we always have a great reserve of church placements to choose from if we are placing you in a church.  This means we can carefully match your vision for development to the church’s opportunities.  So whether it’s a passion for your own church and country or for specialised placements like children’s church, or politics, for example, we have the church base for your year.

As a local church pastor DNA has enabled us to grow leaders, develop ministries and to facilitate Church growth by the grace of God. I can see the Greenhouse effect in the DNA trainees walk with God. They have grown so much in their knowledge, experience, life and ministry.

Rae MacKenzie, Lossiemouth Baptist Church