OPPORTUNITIES How DNA serves throughout the year.


Most of your DNA year you will be serving the life of the local church and its wider community (up to 4 days per week).  But on DNA we also develop you in character, skills and knowledge through Additional Opportunities.  Extra-Local exciting projects are an automatic part of DNA Year 1 Full.  And they can be added on as optional (at some extra cost) on DNA Year 1 Flexi.  So what’s available to you?


Spring Harvest – Serving Europe’ s largest Christian event, involved in Children’s church and seeing salvation and miracles, as well as exposure to a wider Christian contingency, and working with teams of other DNA 1 Trainees.

International Trip – 2 week trip serving one of our partnership churches in their community outreach often involved in schools work, street work, youth and children’s work, church services, etc.  In a team dynamic, learning to serve and be stretched in another culture.

Summer Experience – In the highlands of Scotland with our close partners Refuel Scotland.

These additional opportunities are often highlights of your DNA year, and are another reason why most of our trainees opt for DNA Full.

It has been a joy to see young men and women serving the Lord and developing character through DNA. One aspect is to see the student at the beginning of their DNA course and then to see the remarkable changes and developments by the end of their year. There is a wonderful blend between the outreach of our local church and the servant-hearted DNA students.