The new face of DNA

Have you ever been frustrated not being able to access DNA due to time commitments? Have people in your church who would love to do it but can’t fit it alongside work or family?

DNA has just begun its 23rd year, preceded by 10 years (87-97) as training in evangelism (Tie) Teams, 1300+ potential leaders trained and transformed!

This will be its last year in its current form! God has spoken! Its time for a change! And we are so excited!

New Model: Here’s why we’re excited! The new model will bring DNA in to reach of anyone called to do it. We are about to become much more accessible, more flexible and more creative. Church leaders and trainees keep telling us DNA is for every Christian seeking transformation and fruitfulness. As of next year, it will be!

How: Next years intake will start in September ’20 and finish in July ’21, So we are in line with other educational and teaching establishments

  • There will be 3 residentials of 4 days each, at the beginning, middle and end of the DNA journey.
  • There will be 9 two day blocks, which combined with the residentials means we’re together monthly.
  • Residentials will run Thursday-Sunday, 2 day blocks will run Saturday-Sunday. So you can experience all of DNA transformational teaching/training and only have to take 6 days annual leave from Full time employment or from uni/college.
  • The training will all be done at Dalesdown near Horsham. Easy to access! Beds and Showers!
  • Trainees action can therefore be their workplace, their college/Uni, or Full or Part time work for their church or a church we place them in – This really is DNA for all!

No change: what won’t change?

  • The vision to recognise, release and resource breakthrough women and men of God, to see them become more whole and therefore more fruitful.
  • The values of church roots, discipleship, power of the Holy Spirit, Role of women in Leadership and ministry, non religious Christianity.
  • Opportunities to serve at Spring harvest, on an overseas trip, Summer program, and to do part of the year placed internationally
  • Personal study monitored/guided by the DNA team.
  • Placement visits from DNA Team
  • Church based discipleship and program co-ordination.

And you? This could be your opportunity to access DNA as never before. To be discipled and to grow in wholeness, identity, fruitfulness, full on for God in your church, or your workplace, or your education. Check out our website, come to our open days, explore what God is saying to you.